Faith At Home, Jubilate Deo Article

Posted by ajenkins on December 7, 2009 under Faith At Home, Just A Thought | Comments are off for this article

Upcoming Faith At Home Seminar

Recently I was asked how as a Sr. Pastor I could spend my time with Directors of Christian Education learning of and promoting the faith at home methodology of Christian faith transformation? Didn’t I have more pressing priorities with which to concern myself? It was their thought that this issue of discipleship was more to be in the hands of the directors of Christian education. My response was that there is not a more important issue than this. That my job, my call, my passion from the Lord is lives that are being healed, redeemed, set free and transformed by a growing and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I don’t do church to grow the club. I shepherd peoples that they might experience the life that Jesus Christ purchased for them with His own blood. Read more of this article »