Avatar – Spirituality of What?

Posted by ajenkins on December 26, 2009 under Just A Thought | Comments are off for this article

Avatar is a movie with great hype and appeal. I’m sure many of you will see it and enjoy it. In fact, I encourage that. But I also encourage you to know a bit about the movie, the theology it projects, how it will affect your perspective of God and HIS Creation and your place in it.

A small cul de sac (you know I love those). The understanding of “avatars” is important to understanding the difference between the Jewish/Hebraic/Christian understanding of God and the Eastern view of gods and avatars. This is particularly important to understand the Book of James and James’ association with his elder brother Jesus.

Enjoy Avatar, but know what your watching!

This is reprinted here from Focus On the Family’s “Plugged In” movie reviews.

Begin quote: Go Epic or Go Home! That’s James Cameron’s way. His last feature film, 1997’s Titanic, became the highest grossing of all time (without inflation being factored in). And his other résumé entries include such well-known bombasts as Aliens, The Terminator and its sequel, True Lies and The Abyss.

Big, every one. And Avatar is bigger and bolder than them all.

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