Little Medals?

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As you make your plans for a new year, a new decade are you willing to wear the little medals of life? All of us, no matter how “with it,” no matter how disciplined, no matter how peace-filled have something we want to change about ourselves. Whether it is right or wrong, the right time or the wrong time, the New Year is the time that we all think about change. As you contemplate what you want to change this next year I wonder, are you willing to wear little medals. Little medals are the incarnational signs of change. Little medals may be the sore muscles and calluses of a new exercise program. Little medals may be the tired eyes from the reading you’re finally doing to enhance your mind and thereby your life. Little medals may be the writer’s cramp you have because you’ve finally decided to journal. Little medals may be the boredom you first experience as you allow your brain, your soul to experience your own life instead of the constant stimulation of a make-believe life portrayed through the many video portals that assault us today. Little medals may be the frustration you feel because change comes so slowly. Little medals will be the joy and radiance you feel when you realize this is your life and not someone else’s. Little medals? Are you ready and willing to wear the little medals of life?

Misguided Comforters

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Have you ever been hurt by someone trying to help? I call them misguided comforters. Usually they are fine, faithful, well-meaning Christians who are misguided in their faith. They are misguided in that they believe that if they help you, fix you, they will be fixed. They are sort of “parasite pastors.” You may recognize them by their disproportionate concern for you and your trouble.

Not sure about misguided comforters. Go ask Job. In the Book of Job, he was being “helped” <smile> by his misguided friends. The three friends did everything they thought was helpful and none of it was. Recognize this?

If you have ever been hurt or offended by misguided comforters, notice when Job’s wealth was restored (Job 42:10). Pray for the misguided comforters in your life and watch God go to work.

Jesus Christ Has Data!

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How do we know that Christianity is true? There are two tests of any valid worldview – that it is intellectually credible and existentially satisfying. The main evidence for the truth of Christianity is Jesus Christ himself. If we look at the magnitude of Jesus’ claims and the evidence of his life, we are led to the conclusion that Jesus is who he says he is.

Jesus Christ has data. Miracles performed. Worship received. A younger brother, James, proclaimed Him as “Lord” (Kairos Kurios). Christianity is not only intellectually credible. It is not only existentially satisfying. Christianity is TRUE!

Avatar – Spirituality of What?

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Avatar is a movie with great hype and appeal. I’m sure many of you will see it and enjoy it. In fact, I encourage that. But I also encourage you to know a bit about the movie, the theology it projects, how it will affect your perspective of God and HIS Creation and your place in it.

A small cul de sac (you know I love those). The understanding of “avatars” is important to understanding the difference between the Jewish/Hebraic/Christian understanding of God and the Eastern view of gods and avatars. This is particularly important to understand the Book of James and James’ association with his elder brother Jesus.

Enjoy Avatar, but know what your watching!

This is reprinted here from Focus On the Family’s “Plugged In” movie reviews.

Begin quote: Go Epic or Go Home! That’s James Cameron’s way. His last feature film, 1997’s Titanic, became the highest grossing of all time (without inflation being factored in). And his other résumé entries include such well-known bombasts as Aliens, The Terminator and its sequel, True Lies and The Abyss.

Big, every one. And Avatar is bigger and bolder than them all.

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Revisionist Bishop, Aj’s Thoughts & Prayers

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In the previous posting here is the news of the bishop’s election of our brothers and sisters in the Upper Diocese of South Carolina. Sarah Hey’s description and encouragement is poignant.  Obviously, this means great hurt, heartache, hard decisions and separation for the orthodox, faithful of our neighbor diocese. I must tell you, I am broken hearted for them. Please, right now, pray for them and for us and for the Body of Christ that was born in the fiery martyrdom of Bishops Latimer, Ridley and Cranmer.

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Upper South Carolina Clergy & Lay Leaders Elect Revisionist As Bishop

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From Sarah Hey @ Stand Firm In Faith
Saturday, December 12, 2009 . 2:29 pm
Clergy and lay leaders [delegates] elected Andrew Waldo as bishop of the diocese.

Waldo counts Bishop Robinson as his “mentor,” seeks to institute same sex blessings after General Convention approves a rite, counts Jesus as “my way” and “my truth,” and practices Communion of the Unbaptized, in violation of the national church canons, at his parish.

I am very sad for my diocese. It is a tragic loss for those of us who love the diocese and had hoped to see its revitalization and growth. Except in small occasional pockets, that is not to be over the coming two decades or so.

What does this mean, practically speaking?

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Tweeting The Christmas Message

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If you had only 160 characters to communicate the message of Christmas, what would you say? Rev. Matt Ward is the pastor of Emmanuel Café Church at the University of Leeds in England, and he’s decided to text his Christmas sermon to his congregation because most are students who will be home for the holiday.

Because Café Church caters mostly to college students, Ward says that he’s never with his flock during major Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter. “This is a bit of a challenge for a church community but there are still ways to celebrate ‘together’, even when we’re not in the same place at the same time, he recently told

“I thought a Christmas Day message would be one way of doing it, but what can say about the Incarnation of Jesus within those sort of text limits?! I haven’t attempted it yet in Twitter’s 140 characters. That really would be a challenge.”

His Christmas text sermon reads: “Christmas. A time of being with family, gr8 or not. Even in a manger Jesus is born in the heart of family. Whatever 2day brings remember Emmanuel, God IS with us.”

What would you write if you had to communicate a Christmas message in 160 character.

By Mike Potter: Texting the Christmas Message

Faith At Home, Jubilate Deo Article

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Upcoming Faith At Home Seminar

Recently I was asked how as a Sr. Pastor I could spend my time with Directors of Christian Education learning of and promoting the faith at home methodology of Christian faith transformation? Didn’t I have more pressing priorities with which to concern myself? It was their thought that this issue of discipleship was more to be in the hands of the directors of Christian education. My response was that there is not a more important issue than this. That my job, my call, my passion from the Lord is lives that are being healed, redeemed, set free and transformed by a growing and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I don’t do church to grow the club. I shepherd peoples that they might experience the life that Jesus Christ purchased for them with His own blood. Read more of this article »

Hope Now – by Addison Road

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