Misguided Comforters

Posted by ajenkins on December 28, 2009 under Just A Thought | Comments are off for this article

Have you ever been hurt by someone trying to help? I call them misguided comforters. Usually they are fine, faithful, well-meaning Christians who are misguided in their faith. They are misguided in that they believe that if they help you, fix you, they will be fixed. They are sort of “parasite pastors.” You may recognize them by their disproportionate concern for you and your trouble.

Not sure about misguided comforters. Go ask Job. In the Book of Job, he was being “helped” <smile> by his misguided friends. The three friends did everything they thought was helpful and none of it was. Recognize this?

If you have ever been hurt or offended by misguided comforters, notice when Job’s wealth was restored (Job 42:10). Pray for the misguided comforters in your life and watch God go to work.

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