Little Medals?

Posted by ajenkins on December 29, 2009 under Just A Thought | Read the First Comment

As you make your plans for a new year, a new decade are you willing to wear the little medals of life? All of us, no matter how “with it,” no matter how disciplined, no matter how peace-filled have something we want to change about ourselves. Whether it is right or wrong, the right time or the wrong time, the New Year is the time that we all think about change. As you contemplate what you want to change this next year I wonder, are you willing to wear little medals. Little medals are the incarnational signs of change. Little medals may be the sore muscles and calluses of a new exercise program. Little medals may be the tired eyes from the reading you’re finally doing to enhance your mind and thereby your life. Little medals may be the writer’s cramp you have because you’ve finally decided to journal. Little medals may be the boredom you first experience as you allow your brain, your soul to experience your own life instead of the constant stimulation of a make-believe life portrayed through the many video portals that assault us today. Little medals may be the frustration you feel because change comes so slowly. Little medals will be the joy and radiance you feel when you realize this is your life and not someone else’s. Little medals? Are you ready and willing to wear the little medals of life?

  • Connie said,

    Amen to finding joy in living my own life and not in “video portals”. I have overdosed on Hallmark channel Christmas movies this year; but, I have also discovered the joy of taking the time to connect with old friends over coffee.