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Posted by ajenkins on November 20, 2009 under Just A Thought | Comments are off for this article

People Who Rub You The Wrong Way

What about people who just get on your nerves? The “irregular” people
who rub you the wrong way? Is this a sin issue? There is one in my
life that is around just enough that I can’t avoid her. I really doubt
she has any clue that she keeps saying things that bug me.

This is a good question and actually, I think it’s a big issue. Sadly, I think it’s not really one we can do much about on one level.“>

First level, my life is full of people who are like buzzing bees who bug me – but that’s really as much about me as them. Example; the one you hear me talk about all the time, the little old lady who pulls out in front of me on Folly Rd. The fact that I’m impatient isn’t her fault. Still, she’s a buzzing bee for me. So, part of this is to figure out what God is saying to you, about you, and for you and God’s work in your life through any particular bee.

Second level, If there is a brother or sister relationship here or possible, then you have to address the ways they “rub you the wrong way.” Example: A clergyman in Massachusetts who came to me one day and told me that he initially didn’t consider me someone worthy of a deep relationship with him and therefore, not worth the effort. Then he changed his mind, said I was worth the effort and therefore let’s address these things I did that rubbed him the wrong way. Actually that honored me. I had to address the stuff, but also, I was worthy of a deep and deepening relationship. So, some people in your life are just there, slightly extraneous, and not worth the deep effort. Just tolerate them. (toleration is not a Christ-like characteristic, but it is necessary with some) Others who are worthy of a Christ-like deep relationship, deal with the buzzing, but be ready to hear about your own buzzing too.

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