What Is The Holy In Holy Week?

Posted by ajenkins on April 1, 2010 under Devotionals, Just A Thought | 3 Comments to Read

Never before have I lived a Holy Week like this. My back injury has forced me to a very different role during this most important week of our Faith. For those of you who were part of our journey through James’ letter, I have found comforting wisdom in James 1:2-4. I have had to constantly look deeply into that mirror which is my Lord’s Word and His Life. And yes, I have found joy there and new revelation of what “Holy” means and more importantly, what it produces.

What has this pain, this helplessness, this Holy Week produced in me? It has comforted me in the arms of unconditional love. This week, this unbelievably important week I have been unable to do anything for the people I love, for the ministry I love, for the faith moments I love to celebrate, and for the Lord I love to serve. I have been helpless and worthless and yet, I have experienced afresh the love of my crucified and risen savior for this helpless and worthless person. For that I can “count it all joy.”

To the many of you who are praying, loving and offering me help, thank you. Please know that my salvation is purchased by my Lord, but my soul this week has been purchased by your prayers. Numbers 6:24.

  • Mike Miller said,

    My dear pastor you are in my prayers always and I can imagine how strange it must be to be sidelined during this week. god bless you with healing!

  • ajenkins said,

    Thank you Mike. You and Jackie are two of the prayers that purchase my life daily. Thank you. Numbers 4:26

  • Chuck Chapman said,

    Our prayers are with you.