Jerusalem 101

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Today was such a full day. This morning we had Jerusalem 101. That means we had a three hour lecture on the history of Jerusalem beginning with the Canannite Period through to today. That’s 2000 BC through to the Six Day War. Yikes. The lecture was great, interesting and informative, but three hours?

Following lunch we circled Jerusalem and the Old City. This gave us geographic and historical perspective. From the Mount of Olives we looked over the Garden of Gethsemane, the Kidron Valley, the Lower City or the City of David, the Hinnom Valley and more. To be able to see these places we have all studied so long and to get the perspective of place and distance was so useful. How humbling it was to stand on the Mount of Olives just above the Garden of Gethsemane and be able to see and visualize the path taken after Jesus was arrested and carried to Caiaphas’ house to be interrogated.

We left the Mount of Olives and traveled around the Kidron Valley and back over to the lower city, just below the Temple Mount. There we visited the Jerusalem Archeological Museum.  Here we could view the Temple Walls, the remains of Robinson’s Arch (think back to Peter Walker’s teaching during Holy Week) and the market where the animals for sacrifice were sold. I could easily picture Jesus coming to the Temple on that Palm Sunday and clearing the Temple.

Great introductory material today, even if there was 4000 years of it. Tomorrow we go to Hebron, the Oaks of Mamre and Abraham and Sarah’s grave. Can’t wait.

Good Night from Jerusalem. You are all in my prayers.
With Love and Joy,

  • Berta Puckhaber said,

    So humbling to read your post Jerusalem 101. Praying for y’all and this amazing time you’ve looked forward to for so long. Holy ground for sure!